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Indeed, he practices what he preaches.

We saw this formula earlier for laying out a lead gen page in particular. Tell it! Follow the better rules of writing engaging stories, like starting in media res. Most blog posts written in the first person fit nicely into the Star Story Solution formula. According to these guys , legendary copywriter Gary Bencivenga said this pre-pub copywriting formula with multiple your productivity fold.

S ubstitute a ho-hum phrase with something surprising or new. A dapt a winning headline, button, offer or other from a different product category.

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E liminate or exclude an element that you think has seen better days. R earrange, reverse or redefine any part of the copy, the funnel, etc. Everything from a tweet to a sales page needs to pass the 4 Cs:. Is it clear?

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Is it concise? Is it compelling? Is it credible? My caution on this formula is that you should not cut important, meaningful phrases or words in the interest of being concise. Use it in combination with the 4 Cs. Is this useful to your prospect? Is there a sense of urgency to read or act? What should the prospect take away as unique about you after reading this? Below is a snippet of an email from the brilliant and very nice! Brian Dean , who could teach us all about email marketing in addition to SEO and content marketing:. This is useful for improving your blog posts and landing pages.

Well, a few groups have put a few of the formulas into a few generators. These generators are definitely not exhaustive. Use at your own risk. Free headline generator. Free online title generator. Link bait title generator.

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Market positioning statement generator. Content idea generator. Blog topic idea generator. Sales letter generator. So share this post by tweeting it out or posting it on Facebook. I really appreciate it. Sure — chocolate cakes and chocolate sundays are both desserts — sweet and chocolaty. Different recipes, different season, different taste. Awesome article. Thanks Joanna. Good morning, I was impressed with what I learned on your site and already I commented with with my wife to subscribe to your newsletter read your tips and learn more with you, how long the agent has is only night she already dismissed until the novel, much thank you.

I just found a treasure box in my inbox and it is so full of treasures I still have to discover. You are heaven sent. Just in time when I wanted to give up on my job because I just did not know how to go about my training. I was left on my own to study the materials which were not as clear as the materials you are sending, and for FREE. Thank you so much. Writing problems for me was really difficult. Sometimes I feel a pressure. I found the motivation to write an article for your post.

Joanna, I am stunned! You are by far the best individual copywriter that I have come across. Your information just keeps on wowing me. I was unable to watch the other two as internet troubles lost my link. Your brief made copywriting such cake in a few words, and now this! Truth is Joanna, you are exceptionally good at this writing copy. Thank you Joanna, you are a God-send.

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Attention Need Satisfy Visualize Action. Michael has added some very nice problems. Thank you, I will keep in mind the additional comments you have made.

And then, I re-read it again. But some of the formulas you mentioned in this post are new to me. This list of copywriting formulas is very helpful. Thank you so much for putting this list together.

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Joanna, this is the first time, I have come across such an epic content on copywriting. Indeed, there is a lot to digest here. I really appreciate you to write such a post. I have another question for you too. Have you used software like phrase express? And Airstory for tracking all those reusable pieces, of course.


You lost me with the jab at Scrivener used by thousands of writers in touting a non-existent competing product. I mean, seriously, wow. I have been doing Internet Marketing for over 2 years now, and although I have been able to get some of my posts and pages to the Top 3 on the first page of Google, I am no pro by any means. After reading this long, BUT so useful post, I wish I would have started using many of these tips and formulas right from the get go…. I believe this post alone will boost my copywriting knowledge exponentially!

Thanks Joanna for bringing this to us! Thanks for the remarkable stuff, joannawiebe:disqus. Kudos for having the patience to do this. I started a similar draft post a few months ago, but gave up after hours of working on it. Plus, all these formulas go against my 3-step copywriting process: facts, benefits, offer. I love simplicity! Amazing Post one can find for copy writing Do add some tips for Bloggers including commercial niche like coupons or deals etc.

That little formula has helped me sell millions of dollars of products over the years. Of the 4 steps, Disturb is the most important one as you would expect. The Relieve step can also be looked at as the solution step. A solution was never offered if the problem could not be clearly identified and agreed to by the prospect.

When the solution was presented it was always presented conceptually first. Although this approach was used by me and my colleagues in the old style offline world, some of it can be adapted to the online world with good results. Too many people pitch product, product, product — then wonder why their sales are mediocre. Your comprehensive guide represents a big step along the road to marketing competence — but for serious marketers only. Oooooh, I like that one!!! Never heard of it before, but digging the possibilities. Thanks for sharing, Kim!


I just saw another blog post formula over at CoSchedule, which reminded me of your article. What is the problem? What is possible? What is different now that a solution is available? What should the reader do now? Thanks for adding that one, Dave!